The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson


I hate reviewing books like this because I really really don’t want to spoil it for others, but I still want to convey how much I enjoyed it.

It is also a book that while extremely well done is probably not for everyone especially if you are looking for a book full of action.

I will go to Falcrest and learn to rule, as we have been ruled. I will make it so no Taranoki daughter will lose a father again.

The Empire of Masks has come to Baru Comorant’s home, and outlawed her customs, killed her father and proclaimed that who she is is a sin. In order to save her home, she must bring down the Empire that cannot defeated by sword alone from the inside by learning how to rule it. When she is given a prestigious post as an Accountant of the distant but dangerous land of Aurdwynn or the land that cannot be ruled, she has the opportunity she has been waiting for – if she can survive.

I find myself really enjoying political fantasies. This one is a fantasy in that the world does not exist. It does not have the typical fantastical elements such as magic and dragons. I admit I was expecting more magic, but I don’t feel that this book is any weaker for the lack of it.

The book is purely about the political deceptions and maneuvers those in power use to stay in power, or to gain power. There aren’t a lot of big battle scenes, instead there are more subtle battles – battles of will… of wits… of control.

Money is only one kind of power. Faith is power, too. Love is power. Slaughter and madness are both roads to power. Symbols are power. And all these symbols can raise people to labor or war.

It is extremely well written, and contains a number of twists I never saw coming. I highly recommend it to people who enjoy the inner workings of politics and economics. It definitely isn’t for everyone, this I recognize, but if it still sounds interesting to you I urge you to read this.


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