Thief of Lives by Barb Hendee


There are two ways authors use to create drama that I am getting more and more tired of.

thiefThe first is withholding information that you think they don’t need to know or that will cause someone stress and/or unhappiness. This inevitably leads up to the big confession and results in them being angry in addition to the stress/unhappiness.

He couldn’t tell Magiere, who wasn’t ready to hear it. Not just yet.

“There’s actually more I haven’t told you.”
Magiere’s dampened anger flared at the thought that he’d once more left something until after the fact.

How about if you care about someone you be honest? There’s a thought!

The second is the strong woman, must be bitchy to everyone around her to show how strong she truly is.

As always, an angry Magiere was most often the true Magiere.

Can you not be strong in your actions? Or must you treat everyone like dirt including your closest companion? The constant anger at him got old very quickly. Chastising him for even touching another woman. He doesn’t belong to you and you have no right to make him feel guilty because you won’t act on your feelings.

He felt as if he’d been unfaithful-but unfaithful to what? Everything he’d done, every gentle ploy he’d tried to get close to her, had failed. She pushed him away again and again.

Despite its flaws, this book does have some great action scenes, and while it is slightly bogged down with dialogue the world building is interesting. I am curious to learn more about the elves and Chap.

All in all if you like vampires, you may enjoy this series. But if you are looking for something unique, this may not be what you are looking for.


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