The Vines by Christopher Rice


vinesThe petals of the flower have rounded slightly around the edges, forming a half funnel that is now aimed directly at her. The stamens and filaments within have gone rigid, abandoning the slightly interlaced posture they’ve held since she first discovered the impossible bloom, and the slender stalk is curling gently back and forth through the water like a tethered tadpole.

Caitlin lives in Spring House, a restored plantation with her handsome husband. But when she finds out about his infidelity at her own birthday party with one of the caterers, instead of stepping up, she flees, intending to end it all in the gazebo. But as her blood is spilled something evil stirs beneath Spring House.

This book had a strong start, and I enjoyed the flashbacks through history that added to the overall mystery within this book. I have seen the killer vines done before in The Ruins, but I enjoyed the different take on the origin of these “plants”.

However as, the book progressed, I found myself losing interest. The characters were bland, with nothing to really set them apart. I would say the most interesting was Caitlin, but the rich girl with problems is a stereotype that has been done so many times before.

The story was interesting enough, but with characters there were unremarkable and writing that didn’t exactly give me goosebumps I’m going to have to go middle of the road with this one. It is not very frightening and the gore is minimal, which for me is an unsuccessful horror, but others who enjoy a quick read that isn’t going to keep them up at night may enjoy this one.


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