The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell


clocksWe live on, as long as there are people to live on in.

This is my first David Mitchell, and I was surprised to learn that all of his books are interconnected, with characters in one appearing in others.

While I liked this enough to want to check out other books that he has written, I did have a number of small grievances with the book.

The book is divided into several sections., and while it is basically focused on Holly Sykes, some of the narrators are those who have loved her or known her at various parts in her life. Some I disliked instantly and I struggled to get through their section, such as Hugo Lamb, but some I found had incredible depth and every page was a pleasure, such as Ed Brubeck.

While this book is marketed as fantasy, the fantasy element is not thoroughly revealed until later on in the book, and I’m not sure how I felt about it. While the book was relatively interesting it was quite long, and once it started to get going, I found the good vs. evil battle a bit cheesy.

And then when I felt everything was nicely resolved in the second to last section, the last section took a dark turn, that I first felt would affect my overall thoughts on the book. While it ended I think a little better than I thought, I feel it could have ended earlier, and I may have given it a higher rating.

But all in all, a well written book with many layers that makes me curious to see what else Mitchell has penned.


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