Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman


I was so sure this was going to be a 5 star read. I was so excited to start.

So what happened?

The kingdom of Goredd is heading towards war as they are caught in the middle of a conflict between Loyalist dragons who want to keep the peace with humans, and those that wish to go to destroy humans. Seraphina is sent on a quest to bring the other half-dragons called ityasaari together in defense of Goredd. Her travels bring out an old enemy, who has the ability to take over others’ minds. Seraphina must find a way to stop her or risk losing everything forever.

This book pulled me in pretty quick and had me hooked. Seraphina is a strong character, and in Shadow Scale we learn more about her mind garden and her struggles with Jannoula, who was touched upon in the first book. We also learn about the history of this wonderful world Hartman has built and the creatures within it.

I love a well developed world with memorable characters, and this one is no exception. Meeting the ityasaari and their abilities was fascinating.

But once I hit the 80% mark it started to go downhill.

Seraphina never struck me as a naive girl. She seemed strong, and determined and although she had the tendency to rush into things without thinking I felt like Kiggs was her anchor. So when she places herself in danger with no plan or defense and Kiggs happily goes along with it, it seemed out of character.

I knew it was going to go downhill from there and I was right.

I struggle with the fact that she could stand by for weeks while those she considered her friends and “family” were effectively tortured and she did nothing. Except complain about how she felt she had done nothing. Which was completely true. I wanted to reach in and shake her. Grow a pair and help your friends.

Oh wait you can’t because you left your shit behind in favor of a peaceful approach.

Then to top it all off Seraphina, a girl who struggled her entire life with having to lie, who had finally come clean and no longer had to lie ends the book by jumping feet first into another major lie. WHY? What are you thinking? Have you learned nothing?

So frustrating.


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