Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb


The exercise for centering oneself is a simple one. Stop thinking of what you intend to do. Stop thinking of what you have just done. Then, stop thinking that you have stopped thinking of those things. Then you will find the Now, the time that stretches eternal, and is really the only time there is. Then, in that place, you will finally have time to be yourself.

Royal Assassin continues the story of FitzChivalry, the bastard son of a prince living as the King’s assassin in the kingdom of the Six Duchies. The book opens with Fitz struggling to recover after his attempted murder while on one of his assignments. At his return to Buckkeep, he is thrown into conspiracies and plots that threatens everyone in the royal family.

I struggled to get into this book as it begins again quite slowly, something I found with Assassin’s Apprentice. However, while I found that the slow start worked in Assassin’s Apprentice because I got to know the character better before the action started, resulting in me leaving a glowing review.

In this book it annoyed me, as I already knew the character and his depressing attitude began to grate on me. His body is failing him, and yet rather than fight he would rather give up and die. His woe is me attitude throughout this book made him seem weak where he should have been strong.

I also really did not like his love interest Molly. Although she knew exactly what she was getting into by starting a relationship with a King’s man, she always seemed to be angry with Fitz when he didn’t put her first. It was a cycle. They were all good, then he would get busy, come to see her and she would be angry. He would make amends, then it would begin again. I didn’t like how she treated him.

My favorite characters were Verity and Kettricken. Unfortunately Verity did not make many appearances, but I really liked how Kettricken stepped up in this book and represented as a strong female lead. I LOVE her, and would love to see more of her. I think she easily could make it up there as one of my favorite characters.

royalI also liked the Fool, who had some great quips. Such as this epic opening to a display of his full moon:
Let not our peoples go to dust
When Life in you has placed this trust.
And if you choose to let this pass
Like so much farting from your ass,
Behold my reverence for thee,
Feast your eyes on what men seldom see.

As for the world building and plot, I love the world that Hobb has created, and am thoroughly enjoying learning more and more about the Wit and Skill. I did feel a little down about the plot as it seems that the bad guy wins more often than not.

Prince Regal has the honor of being a character that I detest probably more than any other villain and I keep hoping that someone will finally assassinate him to no avail.

This book has great lines, and Hobb is a talented writer, but people who are looking for more plot may become bored.


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