Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


My husband and I are HUGE nerds. We have a ninja turtle painting, and our son doesn’t step out in anything that isn’t Spiderman, Batman or any other comic book characters. His first onesie was an original Nintendo controller. My shelves are littered with Gundam by husband hand paints and assembles. I grew up playing Commander Keen, Zelda and Warcraft, and discovered an interest in painting the mini Warhammer figurines.

This is my husband’s handpainted Gundam RX-78. (He would like me to point out this was one of his first and his painting has much improved in the 3 years.)

So this book really appealed to me. And I was not disappointed.

The year is 2044, and the majority of the world lives in poverty due to the decline of resources. Parzival or Wade Watts is one of these, living in a trailer park called the stacks where the homes stretch vertically in an effort to save space. He spends the majority of his time in a free virtual reality named OASIS, where he attends school. When the creator of OASIS dies he reveals that hidden in his game are 3 keys opening 3 gates. The first one to find them will earn his fortune. Parzival is thrown into a contest where his competitors will kill to claim the ultimate prize.

There are a ton of nerdy references in this game that I appreciated, and I loved learning about the history of video games, and the world that was created.

Being human totally sucks most of the time.
Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable.

Although as a player of MMOs I will have to disagree with that statement and say that sometimes people suck in video games as well. (See Griefing)

The characters are memorable and I really loved Aech and Art3mis, proof that the female gamer really does exist AND can kick ass. The main character, Parzival was also memorable, although I could have done without learning about his doll and masturbation tendencies.

I was completely engrossed in this book from start to finish, as these kids take on the evil corporation (*cough* EA) who wants to win simply to start charging for everything. (*cough* DLC)

But it was the showdown match at the end that sealed this book’s fate as a 5-star read for me. It is so epic that it will go down as one of my favorite scenes of all time. I won’t repeat it here so you’ll just have to go read it for yourself.

Recommended for video game nerds.


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Software Developer by day, avid reader by night. I also play a lot of video games especially Assassin’s Creed, League of Legends, Overwatch, CounterStrike, Call of Duty, Tomb Raider and Mass Effect, although this does seriously cut into my reading time. So in a nutshell…. Just a huge nerd.

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