Brother by Ania Ahlborn


I had my doubts going into this book. After reading the synopsis I feared that I was going into a book that would be just a huge gore fest, but I liked Ania Ahlborn’s last book Within These Walls so I decided to give it a shot.

Not that a gore fest is a horrible thing, but when you are feeling nauseous it isn’t the right time for it.

Happily the gore was kept to a minimum and instead Ania focused on creating her characters and giving them motivation which I appreciated. Although I didn’t find all of the actions of the main character believable, it was a quick read and action packed enough to keep me turning those pages.

23492624There were a few holes in the story, such as a person sleeping in a dark room for an amount of time upon waking does not need to “adjust to the light” because their eyes will already have adjusted. The person walking into the room however will probably have to have their eyes adjust and wouldn’t be able to see better than the person who was already in the room.

I also didn’t like the ending as it ended abruptly leaving some things unfinished and left me with questions as to what happened to the characters. When done right it can be intriguing, but I just felt frustrated with this one. It seemed a bit lazy to end like that. Almost like she was writing an essay for class that had to have an exact number of words and she had run out of words.

But all in all a great, quick read for a rainy night.


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