2016 Reading Goal – Female Fantasy Authors

Last year my goal was to read more Nonfiction, and the previous year I pledged to read more Classics.

It has exposed me to books such as What If? and Working Stiff, books that I enjoyed but may not have picked up normally. Unfortunately I also found ones I didn’t enjoy as much as well such as Panic in Level 4.

So this year I am going to stick with something I know that I enjoy but focus on a specific branch. Female Fantasy authors. I read a lot of Grimdark Fantasy which is a genre dominated by men such as Glen Cooke, Steven Erikson, Joe Abercrombie and John Gwynne, but I’d like to see what some of the big female Fantasy authors can do. Robin Hobb quickly became a favorite of mine, so I hope to discover more like her.

Progress will be tracked here.


About Kaora

Software Developer by day, avid reader by night. I also play a lot of video games especially Assassin’s Creed, League of Legends, Overwatch, CounterStrike, Call of Duty, Tomb Raider and Mass Effect, although this does seriously cut into my reading time. So in a nutshell…. Just a huge nerd.

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